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Innovative radio-frequency therapy for firming the skin and removing smaller fat deposits


Hardly anybody is 100% satisfied with their figure or appearance. We all see “room for improvement” from time to time in one or another zone. There’s always something!

But wouldn’t it be great if there was a treatment at hand that could correct and optimize several problem zones all at once: smoothing wrinkles, improving cellulite, removing fat deposits and lifting breasts and butt into the bargain.

Now we can fulfill this wish: With Attiva radio-frequency therapy (also known as “endodermal radio-frequency therapy”) a variety of applications can be made at different regions of the body.

Attiva: a front-runner for technological innovations

Steady scientific and technological progress has paved the way for a new type of electromedical radio-frequency therapy. Recognized experts from the field of esthetic and plastic surgery around the world see the Attiva procedure developed in Italy as a real breakthrough. Within one or at least a few treatment sessions, amazing results are achieved, which are immediately visible and are maintained for a long time. Thanks to its high level of safety and technology, Attiva has immediately taken the leading position in technological innovation.

The concept: targeted heat leads to regeneration of collagen

The treatment concept is as simple as it is brilliant:

Collagen is a very important component of the body, because it confers stability to tendons, ligaments and bones and gives the connective tissue under the skin its elasticity. Collagen is also responsible for keeping the skin tight and wrinkle-free. As the years of life pass, the production of the special protein gradually declines: wrinkles arise and skin areas drop.

Attiva radio-frequency therapy can stimulate collagen production in the body by applying heat specifically.

How does treatment with Attiva work?

To obtain the results that optimize the figure and skin, we pass a fine probe into the subcutaneous tissue of the area undergoing treatment. Now we precisely apply radio-frequency energy in certain places that generate individually controlled heat. It penetrates deep into the tissue where it induces changes. At the same time, the skin surface is treated at a reduced temperature. This causes the collagen fibers of the lower skin layers to contract. Concurrently, there is metabolic activation of the mobile connective tissue cells (fibroblasts) – which means that various substances are produced. This way the regeneration of collagen in the skin is stimulated. These processes induce a state of immediate, sustained and durable tightening of the skin structures.

Often a single session is sufficient to achieve satisfactory results. Sometimes several treatment appointments may be necessary.

Hautarzt München – Attiva Body Contouring München

Frequently asked questions

Which results can be achieved with Attiva?

The tissue in various parts of the body can gain new elasticity and freshness through treatment with Attiva. Generally, the therapy can be applied to all zones where collagen occurs – or is missing due to the natural aging process. Depending on the temperature, different effects can be achieved on the connective tissue with Attiva.

Improvement of the appearance of surgical or post-traumatic scars
Attiva has a “defibrating” effect, whereby tissue adhesions like scars can be alleviated.

Treatment and alleviation of wrinkles
The regeneration of collagen can lastingly cushion the skin from the inside. In this case it appears far younger, fresher and firmer.

Cellulite treatment
The appearance of cellulite is significantly improved with the formation of new collagen. The bumps, holes and undulations are considerably alleviated or even completely smoothened.

Removal of fat deposits
Endodermal radio-frequency therapy can not only reactivate collagen production. Completely without liposuction, disturbing fat deposits (e.g. double chin, love handles, fat storage on the belly and back) can be removed. The heat can lead to excess fat cells dying off. They can then be dissipated through the body’s own metabolism.

Easy lifting
With the therapy, it is also possible to treat certain areas such as “lifting” small breasts or the butt, as well as flabby upper arms.

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