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Gentle radio frequency / ultrasonic treatment against fat and cellulite

BTL Exilis Elite™ –  body shaping

There are three proven ways to lose weight, to shape and tone your body: sport, a healthy, balanced diet, and discipline. But despite great efforts, for some people it occurs that stubborn subcutaneous fat and/or dimples in the thighs do not want to go.

If this is the case for you, we recommend you an innovative and effective method of treatment: BTL Exilis Elite™. Here we gently and safely combat minor cosmetic flaws with radio frequency / ultrasonic technology.

BTL Exilis Elite™: Heat makes fat disappear, tones the skin and connective tissue

During BTL Exilis Elite™ treatment, we pass the device handpiece over the affected skin area in circular movements. Here the skin surface heats up to between 40 and 43 degrees Celsius, the deep tissue to around 45 degrees Celsius. This heating process leads to the natural death of the fat cells. At the same time, the connective tissue is stimulated to form new collagen which tones the skin and connective tissue. This makes the skin surface smoother, the contour from the face down to the knees becomes more defined depending on the treatment area. Various aspects of cellulite, such as slight dimples/waves, as well as the so-called mattress phenomenon on the thighs, can be visibly alleviated to a large extent. The skin surface, the surrounding tissue, and the nerves remain intact.

We make treatment with the BTL Exilis Elite™ as pleasant for you as possible, we monitor the temperature and can specially control and regulated it – this may be necessary, e.g. if you are heat-sensitive.

Improvement with every further BTL Exilis Elite™treatment

An application takes around 15 to 30 minutes per area. Afterwards you can go back to your everyday life quite normally. Generally, four sessions are necessary in total at intervals of seven to 14 days to achieve pleasing results. In severe cases, up to six sessions are required.

After just the first or second treatment, you can already see a considerable improvement in the relevant skin regions: The fat depots start to melt and the cellulite improves from day to day. The final result is to be expected within six to eight weeks after the last treatment.

Hautarzt München – Body Contouring München

Frequently asked questions

For whom is BTL Exilis Elite™ suitable?

The method of skin firming / cellulite treatment, fat reduction and body shaping is suitable for all patients who suffer from minor to moderate cosmetic flaws and seek visual improvement without an operation and the associated risks. It should be noted, however, that BTL Exilis Elitecannot replace any diet, but is used exclusively to treat problem zones.

What advantages does the treatment have to offer?

  • Body toning without an operation
    As BTL Exilis Elitetreatment is a method that makes use of radio frequency / ultrasonic technology and heat, no operation is necessary (e.g. as in liposuction). So it is not a surgical procedure. Typical risks of surgery therefore do not apply.
  • No scarring
    Thanks to the non-invasive method, there is no scarring. The system is safe, neither the skin surface nor the surrounding tissue or nerves are injured.
  • Quick visible results
    Results can be seen after the first application, which improves from day to day with successive treatment. The final result is apparent after around six to eight weeks following the last treatment with BTL Exilis Elite.
  • No downtime
    You are able to resume to normal social activities after the treatment and you can go back to your daily life. You should just avoid intensive sport and sauna. Pain is seldom to be expected. It is possible that the skin areas treated are somewhat reddened after the treatment. This reddening usually disappears within a few minutes or hours.
  • Applicable all year round
    In contrast to other methods, treatment with BTL Exilis Eliteis possible during any season, as the skin does not react sensitively to UV radiation following the treatment session.

For which areas is BTL Exilis Elite™ suitable?

Outstanding results can be achieved with BTL Exilis Elite™ in the face and all other body regions. However, this device cannot perform miracles. Very distinct skin sagging or fat deposits may required other methods or combination treatments. For this reason, every patient is examined in detail and individually advised.

When must BTL Exilis Elite™ not be applied?

Treatment cannot be performed with pregnant and nursing women. Moreover, BTL Exilis Elite™ must not be applied in case of fever and acute inflammation or on patients with a cardiac pacemaker or metal implants.

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