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enCurve – the relaxing way to reduce fat

Encurve – body contouring

Abdomen, legs, bottom, workouts or low-carb – you know it already: athletic activities and healthy nutrition are the first route to eliminating unsightly fat padding. But many people reach the point where the padding on the abdomen, the upper arms or the thighs, for example, can no longer be reduced by proactive activity. This is when the enCurve unit, with its special radio frequency technology, which we utilise at the Dr. Pavicic Dermatology Practice in Munich, as the first practice in Germany to do so, comes into play.

enCurve is a simple and comfortable technique for reducing your fat cells (adipocytes), without any surgical procedure at all. By means of a controlled energy input, deep into the fat cells at a particular frequency, the system attacks the cells in a targeted fashion using heat, so that they are destroyed. Whether it’s on your abdomen, your thighs or even your upper arms, the enCurve Body-Contouring System can help you to get your body into the desired shape.

How does body contouring with encurve work?

The cell-destroying radio frequency penetrates deep into your tissues and targets the (fat) cells (adipocytes). These are stimulated by the steady, consistent delivery of heat and vibrate vigorously, which results in the creation of frictional heat. The frictional heat increases the temperature of the (fat) cells (adipocytes) to 45 degrees C. At this temperature, the cells are broken down. This decomposition process causes changes across the entire adipocyte membrane, which causes cell destruction and the release of the fats inside the cells (intracellular lipids). Your body’s natural detoxification process then takes over, and the damaged cells are permanently removed.


Hautarzt München – Encurve Body Contouring München
Hautarzt München – Fettreduktion München
Hautarzt München – Encurve Body Contouring München


Having your abdomen and waistline safely and simply treated using the enCurve System will give you a natural appearance by means of a complete coverage of the areas of your body, which is not the case with most other treatment methods.

Hautarzt München – Encurve Body Contouring München

HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound) requires concentrating the energy.

Hautarzt München – Encurve Body Contouring München

Conventional RF (radio frequency) requires manual friction.

Hautarzt München – Encurve Body Contouring München

Cryolipolysis is limited by the size and number of the applicators utilised in the treatment.

Hautarzt München – Encurve Body Contouring München

enCurve provides a natural, complete coverage of the parts of the body.


Left: Before / Right: After the treatment

Left: Before / Right: After the treatment

Hautarzt München – Radiofrequenzbehandlung München


What areas can be treated with encurve?

Radiofrequency therapy with enCurve is suitable for the reduction of the circumference of the abdomen, thighs and upper arms.

How long does treatment with encurve take?

The treatment takes between 30 and 45 minutes, depending on the type and size of the area to be treated.
We will go through the treatment process in detail with you in the preliminary consultation, however.

How often must the treatment be repeated?

4 – 6 treatments of 30 – 45 minutes (per area), once per week or every 2 weeks, are required in order to come close to the desired result.
We will always schedule your treatment plan individually with you, however.

Is the treatment painful?

Treatment with the enCurve unit is very comfortable and virtually pain-free.
You can resume your usual daily routine again immediately after the treatment.

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