Body Contouring

Bye bye problem zones: Get into shape again

Body Contouring

Body Contouring München

Getting a beautiful figure is hard work. A very special, balanced diet, combined with different sports (endurance, power, fat burning) and plenty of patience are necessary to get into shape.

But the desire for an harmoniously defined body with esthetic, ideally matched proportions can often not be achieved – despite hard, regular training. For some people, fat deposits on the upper arms, stomach, waist, hips or buttocks fail to respond to even the best sporting exercise.

But now the good news: Problem zones can be significantly reduced through modern methods of esthetic medicine. And they often disappear completely.

For beautiful curves and a harmonious silhouette

The term “Body Contouring” combines various treatments designed to bring the body’s proportions back into balance.

There are different reasons that speak for Body Contouring: With targeted treatments, we can take action, e.g. against fat distribution problems, stubborn fat deposits despite sporting efforts or against excess fat following pregnancy or after finishing an express diet. The various therapies are individual, but can also be carried out in combination.

In the following, we introduce our techniques with which you can model and optimize your figure.

One thing in advance, however: All treatments are designed to achieve pleasing proportions, but not to lose weight. So they are not a replacement for a diet.

Our treatments

Body Contouring Munich
enCurve in Munich:
Complete coverage of problem zones with radio frequency technology

enCurve is a simple and pleasant method for removing excess fat cells with radio frequency technology. The special frequency of 27.12 MHz penetrates deep into the tissue and targets adipocytes (fat cells). These are stimulated and start vibrating intensively. The resulting frictional heat increases the temperature of the fat cells to around 45 degrees Celsius – this is the optimal temperature required for cell breakdown. The result: The fat cells are destroyed. Subsequently the body’s own detoxification process permanently removes the damaged cells from the body.

More information is available from our theme page on enCurve.

Cellfina® in Munich:
Smooth skin on buttocks and thighs

Not only subcutaneous fat is often so stubborn that it can’t be sported away, but also cellulite. Here too, those affected train to improve the hole-like dimples on legs and buttocks – often in vain.

And yet these cellulite dimples are not a “fat problem”. To blame for the unevenness apparent on the skin are certain structural bonds beneath the skin. Women’s subcutaneous fat tissue consists of thin connective tissue strands that largely run perpendicular to the skin and connect skin and muscle together. They can thicken and shorten, thus pulling down the skin above the adjacent fat cells. What then occurs is familiar to 80 percent of all women: depressions, waves and dimples on the skin surface, the typical orange peel pattern.

With Cellfina®, an innovative and minimal-invasive treatment option, we can combat cellulite dimples. The shortened connective tissue fibers are separated in a minor procedure under local anesthetic. This releases the tension on the skin. The area treated above it can regain its smooth shape. The unattractive dimpling is significantly alleviated or may even be no longer visible.

Find out more from our theme pages on Cellulite and Cellfina®.

Injection lipolysis in Munich:
Dissolve your fat away by injection

Fat dissolving injection is acknowledged as an innovative, effective form of therapy and revolutionary in the treatment of unwanted small fat deposits.

With its application, the number of fat cells in certain areas of the body (e.g. double chin or love handles) can be reduced. To achieve the desired effect, a combination of the fatty acid binding active agent phosphatidylcholine and the fat-dissolving substance deoxycholic acid is injected directly into the fatty tissue using a fine cannula. Now the cells start to melt, decompose, and are removed by the body’s own lymphatic system. This serves to reduce the body’s size in the region treated. The outcome is an attractive, harmonious body image.

You will find further information on the theme page on fat dissolving injection.

BTL Exilis Elite™ in Munich:
Safe radio frequency / ultrasonic treatment against excess fat and cellulite

Another way of removing unsightly fat deposits and of smoothening sagging skin in the process is presented by BTL Exilis Elite™ radio frequency / ultrasonic treatment. As with enCurve, the principle is based on heating the fat cells and then destroying them. The treatment also stimulates the connective tissue cells to form new and firmer collagen.

To do this, the handpiece of the device is passed over the affected zones in circular movements. The skin surface heats up to between 40 and 43 degrees Celsius, the deep tissue to around 45 degrees Celsius. This heating process causes the fat cells to die off, which are then eliminated from the body the natural way.

But BTL Exilis Elite can do more than that: The treatment not only melts subcutaneous fat away, but also firms up the connective tissue. This way the method can also be used to combat sagging skin due to cellulite, i.e. chicken wings (loose skin on the upper arms) or excess skin above the knee. This method is also outstandingly suitable for reducing or removing irregularities of the skin surface as can arise after liposuction on the belly or on the upper thighs.

Read more on our theme page BTL Exilis Elite™.

ATTIVA® in Munich:
Body toning through radio frequency therapy

We can achieve several results with ATTIVA® radio frequency therapy: improvement of cellulite, toning/rejuvenation of the skin and removal of smaller fat deposits. It is also possible for “lifting” certain areas, such as small breasts or buttocks.

The treatment is based on the heat generated with radio frequency. Here a slender probe is inserted in the subcutaneous tissue where targeted radio frequency energy is applied and heat is generated. This causes the collagen fibers in the deeper skin layers to contract, while the regeneration of collagen is stimulated. The skin becomes firmer. This gives the tissue new elasticity and freshness. The body contour is optimized.

You can find more information on our ATTIVA® topic page.

Emsculpt® in Munich:
More defined muscles through targeted electromagnetic pulses

For a beautiful, firm figure with a sexy six-pack or a crisp bottom, intensive training is required. This is not possible for everyone in terms of time and conditions. And even if it is – some women and men do not achieve the results they desire despite regular exercise.

The problem is not only that in many cases persistent fat deposits remain despite exercise efforts, but also that even with little fat tissue, the muscles sometimes become undefined and less visible.

In order to stimulate muscle growth and strengthen muscle building for a beautiful, optimized silhouette, the Emsculpt® treatment is an optimal choice. With the help of focused electromagnetic pulses, even the deep muscle layers are stimulated, so that the muscle tissue begins to change.

A session of 30 minutes corresponds to the effect of about 20,000 sit-ups or knee bends. The positive side effect: Not only do the muscle becomes more present, but also the fat in the treated area shrinks.

You can also find more information on our topics page on Emsculpt®.

Body Filler in Munich:
Building curves and contours with Perfect Line Volume

Body contouring does not only mean to reduce fat in one or another part of the body, to define the muscles and to tighten the skin, but also to build up curves specifically where they are missing.

In our private practice for dermatology, wrinkle treatment and aesthetics in Munich, we can create volume in your face with hyaluronic acid – but also in other areas of your body.

For this purpose, we use the special body fillers from Perfect Line Volume. They are based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid with a high molecular weight and guarantee long-lasting treatment results. We can inject the fillers into your buttocks, for example, to achieve harmonious curves or to compensate for congenital asymmetries.

In addition, body filler treatment is suitable for concealing visually noticeable bone contours on the wrists or collarbones, for example. Furthermore, we can use it to visually improve scars.

You can also find more information on our topic page on the Body and Buttocks Filler treatment with Perfect Line Volume.

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