Cellulite treatment with radiofrequency: how we can remove dimples on your thighs

Cellulite-Behandlung mit Radiofrequenz

It is perfectly normal to have cellulite! Women’s connective tissue is softer and looser than men’s, which is why dimples and ripples can appear more easily. Functionally, nature has already thought of something – the special nature of the connective tissue is strongly advantageous during pregnancy, for example. Visually, however, evolution has not necessarily hit the mark. Many women are bothered by their orange peel skin and do a lot to fight the bumps. Often measures such as sports, massages, cream cures etc. are not crowned with success. The situation is different with cellulite treatment using radio frequency. With innovative therapy concepts we can declare war on your orange peel skin! You can find out exactly how this works in the following.

Structure of the female connective tissue to blame for cellulite

We estimate that 80 to 90 percent of all women are affected by cellulite during their lifetime. Only a few are lucky enough to remain largely dent-free. The number one cause of orange peel skin is the nature of the female connective tissue. It is naturally weaker and thinner than that of men. Women’s connective tissue has a horizontal structure – visually reminiscent of bars – while men’s is net-like. In addition, women have larger fat cells in their subcutaneous fatty tissue, which are grouped together in so-called fat chambers. They have the amazing ability to increase in size by a factor of about ten. The structure of female connective tissue makes it stretchable – which is an advantage during pregnancy, for example. Furthermore, a woman’s skin is thinner than that of a man.

These properties mean that the connective tissue can easily yield to the pressure of the fat chambers. The thin epidermis and flexible dermis therefore make the chambers more easily visible. We perceive them as bumps, dents and waves.

By the way: Even though we are talking about fat chambers here – cellulite does not necessarily have anything to do with weight! Even slim women can be affected by it.

Other influences that can increase cellulite

However, it is not solely due to the connective tissue. Individual genetic predisposition plays an immense role in whether you get orange peel skin. The female sex hormone estrogen is also often involved in the development process. It promotes greater fat or water retention, which can be responsible for the typical dimpling.

There are even other factors that can cause the development of orange peel skin: for example, a generally unbalanced diet with a lot of fat-heavy and sugar-rich food, as well as increased consumption of alcohol. Stress and lack of sleep can also promote cellulite. Smoking is also bad: nicotine can constrict blood vessels, shut down metabolism and damage the supporting collagen structure of connective tissue.

Three stages of orange peel skin

There are three stages of cellulite: the first is when the connective tissue is basically still quite strong and the bumps only show up when you squeeze your skin. In stage number two, the golf ball-like structure becomes visible on the thighs and buttocks even when you are sitting or lying down. You may even experience pain when pinching the skin together. If the dents are always clearly visible, the third cellulite stage has been reached.

Treating cellulite: general tips

There are several ways you can use to improve the appearance of your cellulite on your own. Sports are always a good idea, because with a targeted workout you can tighten your connective tissue. Perfectly suited is endurance sports such as jogging, cycling, walking or swimming – preferably in combination with light strength training. It is also helpful to avoid anything that can weaken the skin structure (nicotine, frequent alcohol consumption). A balanced diet rich in vitamins, brushing massages and alternating showers can also have a positive effect on the appearance of your cellulite.

Many women also benefit from treatment with special anti-cellulite creams (e.g. the Anti-Cellulite cream from skin689®; with its exclusive active complex, it stimulates collagen synthesis in the subcutaneous tissue and can thus smooth your skin; available in our practice).

Dr. Tatjana Pavicic

Dr. Tatjana Pavicic is a specialist in dermatology and venereology with her own practice in Munich. She is an internationally recognized expert in aesthetic dermatology with a special focus on dermocosmetics, botulinum toxin, fillers and lasers.

Cellulite treatment with radiofrequency: this is how attiva can help with orange peel skin

If the above tips do not help or you are not satisfied with the results, then you should take a closer look at cellulite treatment with radiofrequency: With Attiva, we can use targeted heat to promote the formation of new collagen.

This structural protein forms a firm framework that stretches over the skin, supporting it and keeping it taut. If there is fundamentally little collagen in the skin, or if collagen production has “gone to sleep”, e.g. due to the natural aging process, this framework becomes more unstable and weaker. As a result, the skin loses tension, sags – and cellulite dimples become more visible.

For collagen stimulation as part of cellulite treatment with radiofrequency, we insert a fine probe into the subcutaneous tissue at the affected cellulite areas (e.g. on your thighs or buttocks). We now apply Attiva radiofrequency energy to specific areas in a targeted and deliberate manner. It generates individually adjustable heat that penetrates deep into your tissues and leads to changes there. At the same time, we treat your skin surface with lowered temperature.

This procedure causes the collagen fibers in your lower skin layer to contract. Metabolic activation of your mobile connective tissue cells also occurs, which stimulates new collagen formation in your skin. More collagen means firmer skin: so Attiva leads to immediate and lasting tightening of your skin structures.

For more information: Attiva Munich

Cellulite treatment with radio frequency and ultrasound: btl exilis elite™ fights cellulite waves

Another method of treating cellulite is BTL Exilis Elite™. The concept is similar to Attiva and relies on the influences of heat – but the effects of ultrasound are added.

For the treatment, we circle the handpiece of the device over the area affected by cellulite. During this process, the surface of the skin area heats up to 40 to 43 degrees Celsius, while the deep tissue heats up to 45 degrees Celsius. This heating process stimulates the connective tissue cells to produce new collagen. Skin and connective tissue can be tightened in this way. We can especially eliminate ripples that appear with cellulite with BTL Exilis Elite™.

Another advantage of the treatment: the heat process leads to the death of excess fat cells. Therefore, you can also benefit from body contouring.

Cellulite treatment with radiofrequency in munich

In our private practice for dermatology and aesthetics in Munich, we offer you various options for cellulite treatment with radiofrequency.

If these treatment concepts are not for you, there is also the possibility of the minimally invasive therapy Cellfina, whose long-term effect has been proven in studies. Here we cut certain connective tissue fibers, which are located in the fatty tissue under the skin and cause the dimples and holes, in a teeny-tiny procedure. You will receive a local anesthetic for this procedure. You can find out more about this form of treatment here: Cellfina Munich

Whether cellulite treatment with radio frequency, ultrasound or minimally invasive cutting of the thickened connective tissue strands – simply contact us for a consultation appointment! We will take a look at your findings and suggest the treatment concept that suits you best.

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