Laser treatment face: what are the options?

Laserbehandlung Gesicht

Lasers – that always sounds a bit like space movies. They can be used not only as swords, but also in many other areas – for example – in medicine. Lasers are medical all-rounders; for example, they can stop bleeding, correct nearsightedness or farsightedness, or break up kidney and gallstones. Lasers can also achieve great effects in aesthetics. Laser treatments on the face make the skin smoother and firmer, remove scars and warts. In our private practice for dermatology in Munich we offer various laser treatments.

Ablative laser treatment for the face

Ablative laser procedures remove the superficial layers of skin. This creates a minimal, harmless wound. Your body responds by creating new collagen and elastic fibers. In this way, your wrinkle depth can be reduced and your skin becomes firmer.

Ablative laser treatment is particularly suitable for mitigating mild to deep wrinkles and mild to moderate sagging of the tissue. It can also be used to remove acne scars and skin pigmentations (e.g. age spots). Often one treatment is sufficient. In the case of more severe findings, two to three treatments can be useful. These are then carried out at intervals of several months.

Dr. Tatjana Pavicic

Dr. Tatjana Pavicic is a specialist in dermatology and venereology with her own practice in Munich. She is an internationally recognized expert in aesthetic dermatology with a special focus on dermocosmetics, botulinum toxin, fillers and lasers.

Non-ablative laser treatment for the face

In non-ablative laser treatment the skin surface remains intact. This method is characterized by the fact that the laser beams penetrate your top layer of skin – without damaging it – and reach the dermis. This is the second layer of skin, which consists mainly of connective tissue fibers. The laser causes individual pinprick-like, microscopic injuries under the skin. These stimulate the surrounding tissue to heal. As a result the body produces new cells and fresh collagen.

Non-ablative laser treatments on the face are particularly suitable for freshening up your complexion and making the skin appear more radiant. Superficial wrinkles and pigmentation spots can also be softened. Depending on individual findings we recommend four to six treatments at intervals of two to four weeks.

Fractional CO2 laser for the face

Fractional CO2 laser treatment is a special form of non-ablative laser procedure. It is currently one of the most modern methods of skin improvement. Here we apply the energy selectively to your face. This creates hundreds of microscopic heat columns. In between, areas of untreated skin remain. Your facial skin forms new collagen and elastic fibers – creating fresh, well-structured tissue. In this way, the body aims to close the tiny injuries again.

With the fractional CO2 laser, we can refine, refresh, rejuvenate, tighten and smooth your skin texture. The treatment shrinks pores, improves blemished facial skin and evens your skin tone and texture. In addition, we can use it to remove pigment spots and benign skin changes such as age warts, fibromas or actinic keratoses. As a rule, you can notice the first positive changes in the appearance and structure of your facial skin after just a few days. The final result develops over several months.

Laser treatment face Munich

If you wish to have a firmer, more even facial skin with fewer wrinkles or the like, laser treatment in our practice in Munich can be a very good treatment option for you. Dr. Tatjana Pavicic is an internationally recognized expert in aesthetic dermatology with a special focus on lasers, dermocosmetics, botulinum toxin and fillers.

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