Possibilities of radiofrequency therapy: treatments against wrinkles and fat


There are now many techniques on the market that make aesthetic cosmetic treatments more comfortable and easier for you as a patient – and with amazing results! Radiofrequency therapy is an example of a non-invasive but very effective treatment. With its help, we can stimulate collagen formation and tighten your skin, soften the appearance of scars and cellulite or reduce unwanted fat deposits.

Radiofrequency therapy: what is it?

Radiofrequency therapy is one of the conservative treatment methods. This means it does not involve invasive procedures (such as a surgical facelift or liposuction). Our special devices deliver the radio waves to your skin. The energy heats your tissue – simply put. This stimulates various processes under the skin, which contribute to an overall improvement in its texture and appearance.

Dr. Tatjana Pavicic

Dr. Tatjana Pavicic is a specialist in dermatology and venereology with her own practice in Munich. She is an internationally recognized expert in aesthetic dermatology with a special focus on dermocosmetics, botulinum toxin, fillers and lasers.

Radiofrequency therapy in Munich: Attiva

The electromedical radiofrequency therapy Attiva, which we offer you in our private practice for dermatology, wrinkle treatment and aesthetics in Munich, was developed in Italy. With Attiva, we can achieve attractive, quickly visible and, above all, long-lasting results in just one or at least a few treatment sessions. The safety and technology level of Attiva is so high that the procedure immediately placed itself at the forefront of technological innovation.

During radiofrequency treatment, we insert a very fine probe into your subcutaneous fat tissue in the area to be treated. We now apply the radiofrequency energy in a targeted and deliberate manner, generating individually adjustable heat. This penetrates deep into your tissue and activates certain processes there. At the same time, we treat your skin surface with reduced temperature. This causes the collagen fibers of the lower skin layers to contract and the metabolism of your mobile connective tissue cells is stimulated. Your body now produces new collagen on its own. The result is an immediate, lasting and permanent tightening of the treated skin structures.

We can perform the therapy on all zones of your body where collagen is present. In addition to skin tightening, we can achieve the following effects with Attiva:

  • Improvement of surgical or post-traumatic scars
  • Reduction of wrinkle depth
  • Alleviation of cellulite
  • Removal of fat deposits
  • Light lifting, e.g. of the breast or buttocks

For more information, please click here: Attiva Munich

Radiofrequency therapy in Munich: BTL exilis elite™.

BTL Exilis Elite™ is a combination of radio and ultrasound treatment. With the special device, we move in circular motions over the area of skin to be treated. In the process, we heat your skin surface to 40 to 43 degrees, and your deep tissue to 45 degrees. On the one hand, this heating process leads to the death of fat cells; on the other hand, we can also use it to stimulate collagen production. Your skin and connective tissue experience an aesthetic tightening as a result.

Your skin surface becomes smoother, the contour of e.g. your face or your knees become more defined. In addition, we can also treat dimples and ripples with BTL Exilis Elite™, as can occur with cellulite.

Read more: BTL Exilis Elite™ Munich

Radiofrequency therapy in Munich: Encurve.

With enCurve, body contouring is possible on a whole new level. Using a special radiofrequency, we bring a controlled introduction of energy deep into your fat cells. Due to the even and permanent heat supply, these cells are stimulated and begin to vibrate strongly. This creates frictional heat that warms the fat cells to about 45 degrees. This temperature damages the fat cells to such an extent that they are destroyed. The body’s own purification and degradation processes permanently remove the dead fat cells.

The enCurve radiofrequency treatment is particularly suitable for treating the upper arms, thighs and abdomen.

You can find out more here: enCurve Munich

Radiofrequency therapy with Dr. Tatjana Pavicic

In our practice, we offer various radiofrequency therapies that have different effects. We will be happy to decide together with you which of the treatments mentioned is most suitable for you – or whether another procedure, such as laser treatment, makes more sense – after a detailed consultation.

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