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We were delighted when Bibi Horst, who reports on fashion, style and styling, anti-aging and beauty in her successful blog “Schokoladenjahre“, came to our practice. She spoke openly about her problem zone: her knees. She felt they were too wrinkled and too saggy, creams and sports no longer brought the desired effect. Bibi Horst had heard about Attiva radiofrequency therapy and wanted to have her knees tightened with it at our practice. What Bibi says about this treatment and how effective it was, you can read in this article.

Bibi horst and her online magazine for upscale lifestyle 45+

Bibi studied in Florence and then worked for more than two decades as an interior designer in the field of interior design and decoration. Shortly before her 50th birthday, she fell seriously ill and was thus torn from her everyday life. The illness left its mark: a weight gain caused by medication, sallow skin, a miserable immune system. But Bibi fought and worked on new mental strength, a new body silhouette and a healthy and vital body.

Slowly, the decision matured in her to rearrange her life. She decided to stop working as an interior designer and follow another passion: Fashion, styling and beauty themes. Bibi Horst founded her blog “Schokoladenjahre” and since then she has been diligently reporting on various topics. She actively lets her readers participate in her life, thoughts, undertakings and treatments and encourages them to enjoy not only the “youth years” but also the golden years.

Why bibi horst was interested in attiva therapy

Bibi found that the natural aging process takes its toll at some point – and that despite a conscious and healthy diet, a slim figure and a regular exercise program. “What I can still manage quite well with my arms, I no longer manage so well with my knees. On closer inspection, I see – I call it affectionately – elephant skin there. Even the best creams no longer bring the result I want.” So she came to our practice and asked for a treatment to tighten her knees, which we were able to offer her with Attiva radiofrequency therapy.

Attiva: knee lifting with radiofrequency

The Attiva procedure originated in Italy and is considered a breakthrough by world-renowned beauty experts. Thanks to radiofrequency therapy, it is possible to achieve amazing and usually long-lasting tightening results. At the same time, the procedure has a high level of safety and technology.

Explained using Bibis Horst’s example, the therapy works as follows: We insert a fine probe into the subcutaneous tissue of the knee. Now we deliberately apply radiofrequency energy to specific areas. In this way, individually adjustable heat is generated that reaches the deep tissue. At the same time we treat the skin surface with reduced temperature. The interaction causes the collagen fibers of the lower skin layers to contract. At the same time, the mobile connective tissue cells are activated. This results in the formation of new collagen in the skin of the knees. The skin becomes visibly firmer and smoother. It looks younger and fresher.

In general, the therapy can be applied to all zones of the body where collagen is present or lacking due to aging processes.

The individually adjustable heat can also achieve various effects on the connective tissue: For example, we can use it to alleviate the appearance of scars, treat wrinkles, smooth out cellulite or remove small annoying excess fat deposits.

Dr. Tatjana Pavicic

Dr. Tatjana Pavicic is a specialist in dermatology and venereology with her own practice in Munich. She is an internationally recognized expert in aesthetic dermatology with a special focus on dermocosmetics, botulinum toxin, fillers and lasers.

This is what bibi horst says about the attiva therapy on her knees

“I felt the heat of the treatment, but did not find it uncomfortable. The procedure lasted about an hour on me. After that, I felt fine. I even rode my bike home. For a few days my knees were slightly swollen, I also had some slight bruising. But I had no pain. I was able to go about my normal daily life and even do sports,” the blogger says.


Bibi had a total of 3 Attiva treatments with us at intervals of about 6 to 8 weeks.

 Then a clear result was already visible, which satisfied her: “My knees are more contoured, the small fat pads have even become less. The tissue on my knees has gained new elasticity and freshness as a result of the treatment. I am happy that we were able to specifically counteract gravity.”

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