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Not only men, but also women appreciate the female attributes. Therefore, many women carefully take care of their buttocks, for example: they are groomed with creams, staged with jeans, hot pants, dresses, skirts and beautiful underwear, and specifically tightened with certain workouts. But in many cases, ladies do not achieve the result they want. That’s when we can help achieve a beautiful, firm butt with targeted treatments. These treatments include muscle building with Emsculpt and firming therapies for cellulite Cellfina, BTL Exilis Elite™ and Attiva.

Muscle Building On The Buttocks: Great Results With Emsculpt

Basically, the buttocks can be trained with squats and squat thrusts. However, this is very time-consuming and time-consuming, because for a sexy result you need to exercise regularly and permanently, and preferably eat a protein-rich diet. Unfortunately, sometimes the exercises do not bring the desired result either. This is due to the fact that the three gluteal muscles grow very slowly and rather sluggishly compared to other muscle groups. If you want faster and clearly visible results in butt modeling, you should take a closer look at our Emsculpt method.

This treatment works via electromagnetic pulses in rapid succession and different rhythm. They cause intense contractions of the buttocks muscles, giving them an intense workout. As a result, the muscle becomes stronger and builds up.

An advantage of butt modeling with Emsculpt is that the device has its own configuration for the buttocks. As a result, the focus is on stimulating the muscle, but not on fat loss, which is also possible with the Emsculpt method. Too much fat loss on the buttocks should be avoided, otherwise the buttocks could sag unsightly. The desired plump, round, firm shape would not be achieved in this way. With Emsculpt, the region is treated with two pulse generators that create electromagnetic fields over the muscles. Typically, after four sessions, the buttocks appear visibly lifted, firmer, tighter and rounder.

Treatment of the buttocks with Emsculpt is suitable for the following “butt types”:

  • People with sagging tissue in the buttock region who want a lift but do not want to rely on exercise alone
  • People who regularly go to the gym and need the “finishing touch” for their buttocks
  • People who have had liposuction and whose buttocks contour does not yet correspond to the desired result

Dr. Tatjana Pavicic

Dr. Tatjana Pavicic is a specialist in dermatology and venereology with her own practice in Munich. She is an internationally recognized expert in aesthetic dermatology with a special focus on dermocosmetics, botulinum toxin, fillers and lasers.

Treat cellulite: remove dents and holes with cellfina

Not only weak muscles on the buttocks can cause dissatisfaction, but also cellulite. Orange peel skin often manifests itself on the buttocks and thighs in the form of dimples and holes that bother many women.

With Cellfina, these appearances can be significantly alleviated or even completely removed. This is based on the fact that women’s connective tissue is shaped differently than men’s. The horizontal structure of the connective tissue is the same as that of men. Due to the horizontal structure of the connective tissue, which resembles lattice bars, the fat cells in the fat chambers under the thin skin can become more easily visible. With the help of a minimally invasive treatment, individual thickened connective tissue strands can be loosened thanks to Cellfina. In this way, the skin returns to its original level and the holes and dents can be permanently improved.

Treat cellulite: fight waves with BTL Exilis Elite™

Cellulite can manifest itself not only in dents and holes – i.e. the typical golf ball pattern – but also in waves on the skin.

We also offer a special therapy for the treatment of this unloved visual appearance: BTL Exilis Elite™ combats orange peel skin with radio/ultrasound technology. We heat the surface of the skin to approx. 40 to 43 degrees Celsius, and the deep tissue to 45 degrees Celsius. In this gentle way, the fat cells die off. At the same time, new collagen is formed, which tightens the skin and connective tissue. The result is a significant reduction in cellulite waves.

Tighten skin on the buttocks: cellulite treatment and butt lifting with attiva

Another treatment method for a sexy buttocks is endodermal radiofrequency therapy Attiva. Similar to BTL Exilis Elite™, heat is used here to fight cellulite and effectively tighten the skin.

During treatment with Attiva, we insert a small, fine probe into the subcutaneous tissue of the problem area and place heat points there in a very targeted manner. This causes the collagen fibers to contract. In addition, new collagen is formed. The skin and connective tissue become firmer, the dimples diminish, and the buttocks appear crisper.

Treatments for the buttocks by Dr. Pavicic in Munich

In our private practice for dermatology and aesthetics in Munich, we know the problem zone “buttocks” very well and know what is important to model it. With our various treatment methods, we have a large portfolio at our disposal to find the right therapy for you. With a customized therapy plan, we can achieve the best possible results to give you the butt you want – all without surgery.

Just contact us to make an appointment! We look forward to seeing you!

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