For whom is the fat-away injection suitable?

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Many of you may know it: smaller fat deposits here and there that are quite annoying because they are stubborn and affect the appearance. Often, all diets and sporting efforts come to nothing with exactly these fat deposits. What can you do to remove double chin & Co. One effective option is the fat-away injection. How the so-called injection lipolysis can be used, for whom it is suitable and how it works, you will learn in this article.

How does injection lipolysis work?

Fat-away injection is a very interesting form of therapy offered by aesthetic medicine. It is considered a revolution in the treatment of fat deposits.

Injection lipolysis is about reducing the number of fat cells in certain areas of the body by biochemical means. For this purpose, a combination of the substances phosphatidylcholine (a natural lecithin that also occurs in the body and binds fatty acids) and deoxycholic acid (a substance from the group of bile acids that dissolves fat and transforms it into a degradable form) is injected directly into the fatty tissue with a fine cannula. The cells begin to melt, decompose and are removed by the body through the lymphatic system. The body circumference in the treated region decreases. Injection lipolysis is an enhancement of the natural processes in the body.

The injection starts to work after about 14 days. Significant results are then visible between the fourth and sixth week. For optimal results, several sessions are necessary, depending on your individual initial findings and your wishes.

Dr. Tatjana Pavicic

Dr. Tatjana Pavicic is a specialist in dermatology and venereology with her own practice in Munich. She is an internationally recognized expert in aesthetic dermatology with a special focus on dermocosmetics, botulinum toxin, fillers and lasers.

Liposuction or fat-away injection?

Similar to classic liposuction, fat-away injection is used to remove excess, stubborn fat deposits. Neither treatment is aimed at weight reduction, and thus cannot and should not replace a diet. Rather, the aim is to remove certain fat deposits that make the body silhouette unharmonious and that cannot be removed by dietary changes or exercise.

The following aspects distinguish the two treatments:

Liposuction should be used when large fat deposits are involved. This is an invasive procedure. The result is immediately visible – apart from the legacies of the operation such as bruises, which disappear by themselves.

The fat-away injection, on the other hand, is intended more for smaller, local “buff spots” that can be eliminated without surgery. The result is not visible immediately, but becomes apparent over a process of several weeks.

For which body parts is injection lipolysis suitable?

Normal weight or even slim people are often bothered by small problem areas that affect their figure: These can be a double chin, sagging cheeks, fat accumulation in the nose-lip area, back, axial fold, upper arms, thighs, lower legs and knee. Many patients are also bothered by a slight hip fat, a beer belly or a man’s chest (pseudogynecomastia: formation of a female-looking bust due to fat accumulation).

The fat-away injection is used to dissolve all these small problem areas.


If you suffer from smaller, localized fat deposits that bother you, we can help you remove them. With injection lipolysis, we encourage your body to rid certain areas of fat.

If you have any questions about this topic or other concerns, please feel free to contact us or make an appointment with Dr. Tatjana Pavicic.

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