Lose back fat: How to make the fat pads on your back disappear

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 The designer and TV darling Guido Maria Kretschmer speaks affectionately and a bit ironically of “Speckratten” when it comes to little rolls on the back that like to ooze out from under the bra. Fat pads on the back are harmless, but annoying. The same applies here as for the stomach: it is basically not possible to lose weight specifically on the back. With a mixture of a healthy diet and exercise, you can ensure that your entire body becomes slimmer and firmer. However, you do not have to despair in case of remaining fat pads. At our private dermatology and aesthetic practice, we offer innovative ways to help you lose back fat.

Where does back fat come from?

There are several reasons that can promote the development of back fat. First and foremost is the so-called fat distribution disorder. Basically, everyone has a little bit of fat on their back – regardless of whether they are graceful or have a slightly sturdier build. However, whether it remains with small fat pads or whether it becomes clearly visible fat deposits depends largely on the genetically determined number of fat cells that are located in this place. Some people naturally have fewer, others more. If you lose weight, the content of the fat cells can be reduced, the cushion becomes smaller. However, the number of fat cells always remains the same even with exercise and diet – where there are more fat cells, there are always more visible.

Added to this are bad eating habits that “feed” the fat cells, causing them to grow larger. Too little exercise, hardly any sports activity also causes fat to be stored.

General tips to lose weight and back fat
make sure you eat a healthy diet!

We recommend avoiding fast food, ready meals, too much fat as well as sugar and be careful with the intake of carbohydrates. Try to cook your own food and fresh food more often. Incorporate lots of fruits, vegetables, seeds and legumes into your diet! Also make sure to drink plenty of water.

Exercise regularly

Ideal for getting your figure in shape is a combination of endurance sports and weight training. Endurance sports stimulate fat burning, which helps to reduce the content of fat cells. Jogging, cycling or swimming, for example, are ideal for this. Strength training helps to build muscles and define them. In this way you can sculpt your figure. An additional positive effect is that stronger muscles increase your body’s basal metabolic rate of calories.

There are certain exercises that strengthen the back. These include the front squat or planking, the side squat, pull-ups, one-armed rowing and dynamic yoga. Speaking of yoga, great asanas (i.e. certain body postures) for strengthening the back, arms and legs are triangle, half moon, bridge or even cobra.

Dr. Tatjana Pavicic

Dr. Tatjana Pavicic is a specialist in dermatology and venereology with her own practice in Munich. She is an internationally recognized expert in aesthetic dermatology with a special focus on dermocosmetics, botulinum toxin, fillers and lasers.

Lose back fat: body-contouring measures with dr. Pavicic in munich

If the above mentioned tips do not achieve the desired or sufficient success, we can help you. With our methods from the field of body contouring, we can not only reduce your fat, but even permanently remove excess fat cells – and without surgical intervention such as liposuction!

Injection lipolysis: lose back fat with the fat way syringe

With the fat-away injection, the name says it all: we can use it to reduce the number of your fat cells on your back, as they occur in the context of a fat distribution disorder. For the treatment, we use a fine needle to inject a mixture of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholic acid directly into your fat tissue. The phosphatidylcholine binds the fatty acid, while deoxycholic acid dissolves the fat. Due to the effects of injection lipolysis, the cells begin to break down. Your body then disposes of them through the lymphatic system. The result is significantly reduced fat deposits and a slimmer back.

More information about the treatment: fat removal injection Munich

Encurve: get rid of back fat with radiofreqence

The enCurve system works with a special radio frequency of 27.12 MHz. It is able to penetrate deep into your tissues, search for specific fat cells and make them vibrate. Frictional heat of up to 45 degrees is generated. In the process, the adipocytes begin to die off. Your body starts a purification process and expels the damaged cells from your body. In this way, we can reduce back fat in you, for example.
More on this topic: enCurve Munich

Btl exilis elite™: reduce back fat with radio/ultrasound

With this system, we also heat the back fat and thereby destroy the fat cells. In addition, the BTL Exilis Elite™ treatment is suitable for collagen stimulation. This means that your connective tissue cells are animated to produce new and firm collagen, which simultaneously tightens your skin.

More info about the treatment: BTL Exilis Elite™ Munich

Attiva: get rid of back fat with radiofrequency therapy

In this treatment option, we insert a fine probe into your subcutaneous tissue. Over it, we place targeted radiofrequency energy there to generate heat. This causes the collagen fibers located in the lower layers of the skin to contract. Small fat deposits on your back are removed. At the same time, the skin forms new collagen, which tightens the skin and tissue.

Read more: Attiva Munich

Lose back fat munich

We know how annoying back fat can be when it shows under your bra, a bikini top or under a tight shirt. With our methods, we can help you reduce the fat on your back. We will be happy to clarify which of the presented therapies is suitable for your individual case on the basis of a detailed consultation. Simply make an appointment for a consultation!

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