How to get rid of axle fat permanently

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When wearing bras and bikini tops, sleeveless tops or tops with spaghetti straps, many women are bothered by an unwelcome phenomenon: Axle fat bulges out from under the straps and doesn’t exactly round off the look. Colloquially and with a twinkle in the eye, this is also referred to as praline bags. In this article, we explain how this happens, what you can do yourself to combat axle fat, and how body contouring measures such as the Fat Away Injection can help.

Where does axis fat/praline bags come from?

When putting on arms or wearing tight clothes, fat pads become visible in the armpits of many women.

There are various possible causes: overweight, lack of exercise and/or a fat distribution disorder – especially when otherwise slim women are affected. Because: Basically, every woman has axial fat, regardless of whether she is slim or somewhat more feminine in build. However, whether this remains a small area of fat or becomes a cushion depends, among other things, on the number of fat cells that are located in this area. In some women there are naturally fewer, in others more. In this case, weight loss does not help much, because only the content of fat cells is reduced, but not their quantity.

General tips for the removal of axial fat
Watch your diet!

In addition to the abdomen, legs and buttocks, the armpits are also a place where the body likes to store fat. For this reason, a poor diet, such as one with too much fat and sugar, can lead to increased fat deposits in the armpits. With a balanced diet, axillary fat can be reduced in some cases (if a fat distribution disorder is not present). Go for whole grains, oatmeal, rice, rye bread, red fruits and citrus fruits! Protein-rich foods such as eggs, lentils, chicken or lean curd can also aid in fat loss.

Train the problem zones!

To the balanced diet you should combine a targeted training of biceps and triceps. Because if these muscles are too weak, the area around the armpits will become flabby. You can strengthen the muscles in question with classic push-ups or triceps dips (stand with your back in front of the edge of a table, support yourself backwards with your hands and move your body up and down by bending your arms).

Wear the right bra!

A bra that is too small or too tight can accentuate axis fat by pushing it out – especially if the position of the straps is awkward. To avoid making axis fat even more noticeable, choose a bra shape that fits your body. Specialty stores will give you the best advice on this.

Dr. Tatjana Pavicic

Dr. Tatjana Pavicic is a specialist in dermatology and venereology with her own practice in Munich. She is an internationally recognized expert in aesthetic dermatology with a special focus on dermocosmetics, botulinum toxin, fillers and lasers.

If these tips don’t help: body contouring at dr. Pavicic in munich

If the general tips just mentioned do not make the axial fat disappear to the desired extent, then various body contouring measures can help. Here, the fat is even permanently reduced or removed.

Injection lipolysis: treat axle fat with fat-away injection

By using the so-called fat-away injection, the number of fat cells can be reduced in the case of a fat distribution disorder, e.g. on the armpit.

For this purpose, we inject a combination of the fatty acid-binding agent phosphatidylcholine and the fat-dissolving substance deoxycholic acid directly into the fatty tissue using a fine cannula. The cells begin to decompose and are removed via the lymphatic system.

Encurve: remove axial fat with radio frequency

The concept of enCurve is as simple as it is ingenious: the special frequency of 27.12 MHz penetrates deep into the tissue and specifically seeks the fat cells that are stimulated by this process. They begin to vibrate, which in turn creates frictional heat. When 45 degrees is reached, the fat cells begin to die. The body’s own purification process begins, whereby the damaged cells are expelled from the body.

Btl exilis elite: remove axial fat with radio/ultrasound

Similar to enCurve, BTL Exilis Elite heats up the fat cells and thus destroys them. At the same time, the connective tissue cells are also animated to form new and firmer collagen. Thus, the skin is tightened at the same time. This treatment can be used not only to remove axial fat, but also to treat flabby upper arms (“angled arms”).

Attiva: removing axial fat with radiofrequency therapy

In Attiva, we insert a fine probe into the subcutaneous tissue and apply radiofrequency there specifically to generate heat. This causes the collagen fibers located in the lower layers of the skin to contract. The formation of new collagen is stimulated, skin and tissue are tightened, and small fat deposits are removed.


Body Contouring Munich: We will be happy to decide which treatment is suitable for your individual case on the basis of a personal consultation. Depending on the initial findings, it may also make sense to combine different methods in order to remove axial fat and, for example, tighten the upper arms at the same time.

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