What really helps against cellulite?

Was hilft gegen Cellulite Pavicic München

With Photoshop, anything is possible. The software makes pimples, wrinkles and dimples disappear with a few clicks. This creates the (false) impression that models and other celebrities look perfect. But when women flip through the tabloids, they often see snapshots/paparazzi photos of celebrity ladies who, away from the advertising space (with the retouched photos), are not so flawless and also suffer from orange peel skin.

But what does it actually look like – is the fight against the unsightly dimples hopeless or can women do something about it?

Cellulite: a woman’s disease?

It is true that dimples develop almost exclusively in women. Their connective tissue has a specific structure and their skin is specially built: A woman’s epidermis and dermis are thinner than a man’s, the fat cells in the subcutis are thicker and loosely connected by the connective tissue. The reason: a possible pregnancy! Nature has taken precautions here. The female body can adapt to the growing belly and the loosening of the pelvis during pregnancy.

Cellulite develops when the fat cells store too many fat molecules. The cells become larger and push up through the skin where they appear as the hated dimples. The enlarged cells also compress the neighbouring blood and lymph vessels. The tissue fluid backs up and the cells are not properly supplied. Waste products are deposited in the tissue.

However, we should be aware of one thing: cellulite is not a disease! It is more of a cosmetic problem.

Dr. Tatjana Pavicic

Dr. Tatjana Pavicic is a specialist in dermatology and venereology with her own practice in Munich. She is an internationally recognized expert in aesthetic dermatology with a special focus on dermocosmetics, botulinum toxin, fillers and lasers.

Tips and tricks against cellulite

There are many methods to reduce orange peel skin or even make it disappear. However, as with many things, there is no universal recipe. Every woman has to find a suitable “secret of success” for herself if she wants to combat the dimples on her thighs.

The following can help against cellulite (preferably in combination):


Exercise is a kind of home remedy for and against everything! For cellulite, a combination of endurance and muscle training is recommended, as this reduces fat and builds up muscle mass. Swimming, Nordic walking, aqua training and cycling are perfect for counteracting cellulite.

Yoga in its various forms is also good, because it also reduces fat tissue, stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow, and strengthens the muscles. And there is an additional effect: you relax. This is not only good for inner peace, but also for reducing cellulite: stress inflates the fat cells and thus promotes the annoying orange peel skin.


Saturated fats, too much sugar and white flour products weaken the tissue – cellulite is further promoted. Foods that stimulate fat burning are good, e.g. shellfish, fish or lean poultry. Also go for foods with a lot of vitamin C! It helps build collagen – an important structural protein that performs multiple functions in maintaining the skin’s elasticity and flexibility.


A visit to the masseur/physiotherapist not only relaxes but also boosts blood circulation. This activates the burning of fat. If cellulite is also associated with swelling due to water retention, professional lymphatic drainage can work well. At home, special rollers can be used to treat the thighs. Light plucking massages are also good.

Cosmetic products:

Salt and algae baths can relieve cellulite dimples if used regularly. Creams can also help to smooth and firm the surface of the skin.

Combating cellulite professionally with cellfina®

But all these remedies can reach their limits and do not reduce cellulite strongly enough. Now professional help is needed!

Cellfina® is an innovative system for the treatment of cellulite. The minimally invasive treatment method developed by Merz Pharma is the only clinically tested method that has been certified to have several years of success in treating cellulite.

In its treatment system, Cellfina® targets the fine connective tissue fibers found in the fatty tissue under the skin that cause dimples and bulges on the skin. These fibers are separated with a minimally invasive treatment called subcision under local anesthesia, allowing the skin to smooth out. In this way, the appearance of cellulite is permanently improved.

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