Advantages of nose correction without surgery

Nasenkorrektur ohne OP

Hyaluronic acid can do much more than “just” smooth wrinkles: Those who are dissatisfied with the shape of their nose and would like small corrections or changes in shape do not necessarily have to undergo surgery. A gentle alternative is the nose correction without surgery with hyaluronic acid. We will explain the advantages of this method in this blog post.

How does rhinoplasty without surgery work?

To beautify the nose in certain areas, a fine injection of hyaluronic acid is often sufficient. It is a naturally occurring substance in the body that has the ability to bind large amounts of water. In aesthetic medicine, it serves as a restorative filler that softens gravitational wrinkles (i.e. signs of aging in the skin caused, for example, by sagging tissue) and thus ensures a more youthful appearance.

In addition, hyaluronic acid is also used for gentle correction of the nose. Visually noticeable and annoying blemishes such as inequalities, dimples and bone edges that show under the skin can be made much more invisible with it. The tip of the nose can be raised, a hump can be evened out. A nose that appears broad can be made visually narrower by subtly raising the bridge of the nose.

For the correction, hyaluronic acid is injected with pinpoint accuracy into the appropriate areas under the skin on the nose. After the procedure, the nose looks more beautiful and harmonious.

Dr. Tatjana Pavicic

Dr. Tatjana Pavicic is a specialist in dermatology and venereology with her own practice in Munich. She is an internationally recognized expert in aesthetic dermatology with a special focus on dermocosmetics, botulinum toxin, fillers and lasers.

What are the advantages of the procedure?

The modern injection technique with hyaluronic acid offers many advantages over nose surgery:

Fast modeling of the nose

Injection with hyaluronic acid takes only 5 to 15 minutes.

Immediately visible result

Unlike surgery, which requires the nose to decongest first, for example, the final result is visible immediately after injection. With a surgical procedure, it often takes several months before the final result can be admired.

No surgical risks

While a general anesthesia is necessary for a nose correction in the operating room, the risks of anesthesia are eliminated during a correction with hyaluronic acid. If desired, an anesthetic ointment can be applied to the injection sites, thus providing local anesthesia.

No recovery time necessary

Your daily life can continue immediately. You are fit and ready for social life. There are only small things to keep in mind: For example, the inserted material is still malleable after the injection. Dents could appear in the area where your glasses rest. Therefore, we advise you to refrain from wearing glasses for a while and only do sports where there is no risk of touching your face.

Less costs

Hyaluronic acid treatment costs only a fraction of surgery. However, keep in mind that hyaluronic acid breaks down in your body. This means that after about a year, you may need another injection to maintain the new nose shape permanently.

Furthermore, the treatment options are limited: Rhinoplasty without surgery is used for small corrections and modeling of the nose shape and lateral nose profile. Inharmonious shapes of the nose, the profile of the nose or irregularities can be gently corrected.

However, we are not able to significantly reduce or shorten large or long noses with it. Furthermore, nose correction without surgery cannot replace internal and/or functional surgery, which is necessary, for example, in the case of ventilation disorders.

Nose correction without surgery in Munich

If you too are unhappy with the shape of your nose and would like it to blend more harmoniously into your face, we are your competent partner. We will advise you in detail and inform you about the possibilities of correction using hyaluronic acid.

Feel free to contact us for a non-binding consultation!
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