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Freshening treatment for your skin.
Hyaluronan gives back the skin its lost moisture

Just like an apple shrivels when it loses fluid, our skin also shrivels when it loses its fluid cushion. Obviously we are not fruit sellers and also don´t want to compare you to an apple.

We wish to help maintain the gentle and smooth surface of your skin. “Freshening” your facial skin makes your skin look younger and smoother again. Wrinkles may not develop so strongly and the elasticity will be preserved. Your facial expression and proportions will not be affected by this. This form of treatment is also excellent for restoring lost moisture and tone to the skin of the neck, decollete or hands.

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Deep action for your skin

In order to understand this, we need to recall how human skin is constructed. Put simply, the skin consists of several layers. The epidermis and the dermis. Underneath is the subcutaneous fatty tissue with blood vessels and nerves. The epidermis is constantly renewing its cell layer and sloughs off dead cells in the form of skin flakes.

The dermis is mainly responsible for the elasticity. It contains collagen and elastic fibres as well as hyaluronan. However, the proportion of the water-binding substances (hyaluronan) in the body decreases with age. At the age of 50, we have only half of our initial reserves of hyaluronic acid. The consequences: Our skin slowly but surely loses its moisture, glow, firmness and elasticity. This results in wrinkles and a sallow appearance.

Creams applied to the skin surface do not penetrate into the deep skin layers, while hyaluronan is directly introduced. It can be injected directly into the dermis and distributed there by massaging. Thus your skin gets back more moisture-binding substance.

exemplary treatments

mature Skin

Products used:
Restylane Vital, Restylane Vital Light

Acne scars

Products used:
Restylane Vital


Products used:
Restylane Vital Light

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