Hautarzt München – Chemisches Peeling München

Chemical peeling – a true rejuvenation treatment for your skin.

Age spots, sun damage, small wrinkles or skin with large pores are unsightly signs of our skin aging. “Normal” peeling agents, available from cosmetic counters and pharmacies cannot do very much.

Chemical peeling causing peeling of parts of the epidermis (the upper skin layer) and, if applicable, the dermis in order to induce processes of renewal in the skin. The wound healing mechanism induced in the epidermis, and in the dermis in the case of deeper administration, results in tissue renewal and thus in clinical improvement of the skin.

Hautarzt München – Chemisches Peeling München

The efficacy of peeling treatments with Dermaceutic has been demonstrated in extensive clinical tests and in collaboration with leading skin experts worldwide.


Chemical peeling agents are applied to the face, neck, cleavage or hands. Some of the most commonly treated indications are:

Acne-prone skin:

  • Improves the look and feel of oily skin
  • Improves the appearance of small scars

Premature skin aging:

  • Reduces file lines under the eyes
  • Improves the appearance of wrinkles due to sun-induced damage and premature skin aging

Pigment spots and melasmas:

  • Reduces the visibility of age spots
  • Softens the appearance of dark spots and melasmas


Superficial peeling

is the mildest form of chemical peeling and can be used on all skin types. These professional treatments usually contain mild acids (AHA and BHA), and above all glycolic acid.

Medium depth peeling

penetrates deeper into the skin that superficial peeling and causes visible flaking of the skin. TCA is the primary peeling agent used in medium depth peeling.

Course of chemical peeling

Superficial peeling

Your skin is cleaned before the peeling agent is applied and left to work for a few minutes. While the peeling agent is working, you may feel a prickly sensation.

Finally, depending on the acid used, this is neutralised in the case of fruit acids, and a moisturising cream is applied. The skin may become red, but this rapidly disappears. For an optimal result, it is recommended to repeat the peeling, e.g. four treatments at fortnightly intervals.

Medium depth peeling

With medium depth peeling, the acid (most commonly TCA) is applied layer by layer. The skin reaction, which manifests as so-called frosting (white discolouration), is observed very closely before a new layer is applied. This is essential in order to evaluate the depth to which the peeling agent is penetrating. While the peeling agent is working, a sensation of intense warmth can occur.

Flaking of the skin occurs with medium depth peeling so that you are “not presentable” for a few days.

Consistent protection of the skin from the sun is essential before and especially after each peeling!

Hautarzt München – Chemisches Peeling München

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