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Ugly marks under the skin

Get rid of spider veins

Spider veins are small blood-filled veins that shine through the skin of the legs as bluish-reddish veins or patches. Since these thin varicose veins are located in the uppermost layer of the skin, they are particularly visible and thus are aesthetically very bothersome.

Although spider veins are as a rule not medically relevant and do not result in any symptoms, they do nevertheless represent a large cosmetic problem for many affected individuals. This makes it all the more gratifying that spider veins can now be gently removed by means of effective therapies.

What causes spider veins?

Spider veins usually develop as a result of permanently increased pressure or blood stasis in the blood vessels (e.g. due to hypertension, insufficient movement or overweight). The thin veins gradually lose their elasticity and finally become stretched. As a consequence, red to dark blue veins or patches become visible.

Weakness of the connective tissue, which particularly affects women, can also cause spider veins. Weak connective tissue leads to dilation of the veins, which makes it easier for fluid to escape from the vessels and can cause accumulation of water in the tissue (oedema). Spider veins are often the result of this process.

Spider veins can also be the consequences of excessive alcohol or nicotine consumption. In the long term, nicotine is associated with porous, thus permeable vessel walls and alcohol abuse can cause vessels to dilate. However, the resulting spider veins tend to appear on the limbs or face (nose) and less on the legs.

Remove spider veins

At our practice in Munich we focus on both the available therapeutic procedures that are suitable for the removal of spider veins: By means of sclerotherapy or on the basis of laser therapy. According to the initial situation, we combine these procedures in order to achieve the best possible results.


For sclerotherapy of spider veins, we inject a medicine into the affect small vessels, which makes them stick together and disappear. In most cases, several treatments are required.

Laser therapy

Spider veins can also be treated and liquidated using laser therapy. Using a so-called Nd-YAG laser, it is possible to close and thus remove the small vessels. Here also, several treatments are usually necessary.

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