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Radiesse® – for a youthful appearance

Do your wrinkles make you appear old? We can do something about this today! Often it is not advisable simple to inject the wrinkles. Due to our skin aging, its elasticity changes, and thus the volume and consequently the proportions of our face, which becomes narrow in the top and middle segments and wider in the lower segment. The normal aging process has grasped us.

We help you to counter the external signs of aging and notwithstanding maintain your natural beauty. Radiesse® aims to reduce your wrinkles and to restore the youthful V-shape to your face, particularly through the production and stimulation of your collagen and elastin fibres. Thus you will soon be able to look as you feel once more.

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Raise the facial triangle

Radiesse® is suitable primarily for patients who require contouring of the face by means a lifting effect together with a simultaneous improvement of their skin texture and firmness.  The areas that we treat with Radiesse® include:

  1. Volume augmentation over the cheekbone
  2. Visibly reduce nasolabial folds
  3. Fill marionette lines
  4. Contour chin wrinkles and lower jaw
  5. Reduce wrinkles & give volume to the backs of the hands
  6. Improve skin quality

Improvement of skin quality with Radiesse®

The latest results from studies show the positive effect of Radiesse® not only at a deep level but also directly on the skin surface. Radiesse® stimulates natural collagen production from within, which causes a dense network of fresh collagen and elastic fibres to develop within the skin over a period of several weeks and months. Due to its tensile strength, the collagen gives the skin its youthful aspect and firm structures, and the newly formed collagen network results in long-term strengthening of the skin structure. The elastic fibres restore youthful tone to the skin.

Radiesse® creates defined contours

The newly formed network of firm collagen and elastic fibres results in a lifting effect and the restoration of youthful facial contours.

The special gel matrix in Radiesse® provides an immediate visual effect, while the tiniest calcium microspheres aim to stimulate your own collagen production and thus enable a long-lasting V effect to be attained in a natural manner.

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