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A young look thanks to a smooth and beautiful decollete

A beautiful decollete is a central aspect of your womanly charm. Unfortunately the chest area is very prone to wrinkles, because over the years UV radiation from the sun reduces the elastic components of the skin. In addition, the skin here is exposed to high tensile forces, especially during pregnancy. The collagen and hyaluronan content of the skin decreases and the decollete becomes “creased”. Women with decollete rejuvenation appear many years younger.

The neck can be considered as a type of extension of the face. A wizened neck forms a mismatch with a young, fresh face and betrays our true age or even that “something has been done”. Due to the increased contrast, the neck can appear even older. Thus the face and neck should be considered as a single aesthetic unit.

Hautarzt München – Faltenbehandlung München

What happens during decollete rejuvenation?

In order to make the skin look smoother and fresh again, we supply it with hyaluronan, which the body is less and less able to produce itself with increasing age. We use planar stabilised hyaluronic acid and/or plasma for skin surface rejuvenation. Due to this minimally invasive treatment, the skin regains its tone and makes the decollete appear more dewy and younger. We first apply an anaesthetic ointment so that you can hardly feel the treatment. The individual injection points may be visible for a day or two until the hyaluronan has become fully distributed within the tissues. Individual deeper wrinkles (“sleep creases”) that occur above all in the middle zone, can be treated additionally with liquid hyaluronic acid fillers that are injected very superficially directly into the wrinkle.

Micro-focused ultrasound (Ultherapy) offers a new possibility for treating the wrinkles and skin quality of the decollete by means of a single treatment and without leaving any external traces. Just this year, this method became one of the few to have received FDA approval for treatment of the decollete. In the previously conducted clinical studies, it was even possible to detect a “lifting effect” of 1-2 cm on the breasts.

Effective smoothing is also possible using Attiva endodermal radio-frequency therapy. Here we insert a slender probe into the subcutaneous tissue around your neckline. Now we can precisely apply radio-frequency energy and generate individually controlled heat. This treatment leads to the formation of new collagen, which firms and rejuvenates the skin from the inside. Attiva also helps to lift small breasts. Here the skin of the breasts themselves is treated.

That is not the case. Although ever more hyaluronic products are being marketed, which promise to restore the hyaluronan that the body lacks, in practice only superficial results can be achieved in this way. Creams do not penetrate deep enough into the skin in order to have a significant volume effect on the skin. Genuine skin rejuvenation is only achieved by injecting a high-quality hyaluronan filler into the middle skin layer.

Each treatment is individualised and will be coordinated in consultation with you. Contact us.

Examples of treatments


Products used:
Ultherapy treatment


Products used:
Ultherapy treatment

What to do about a wrinkled neck?

Due to the loss of collagen and elastic fibres, the skin of the neck loses its tone and becomes droopy and wrinkled. This is sometimes also called a “turkey neck”. Additionally, there is often “sagging” of the soft tissue of the lower face with loss of the regular jawline and development of sagging jowls.

Until recently, the only method to treat this was by means of a surgical neck lift. Recently, micro-focused ultrasound (Ultherapy) has made it possible for us to use an effective, completely non-invasive method to treat mild to moderate cases. In each individual case, a decision will be made on the basis of the findings whether only the neck or also the lower half of the face requires treatment. After the treatment, you may see a slight swelling or nothing at all. The effect will slowly increase from the 3rd months.

Attiva endodermal radio-frequency therapy can also be used – as on the neckline. It promotes the expansion and regeneration of collagen below the skin and leads to a significantly firmer neck. Sagging tissue can also be lifted using this method and skin creasing improved.

If there are prominent neck bands (platysma), we advice additional treatment with botulinum toxin. The traversing neck wrinkles can be decreased by injecting a liquid hyaluronic acid filler that integrates particularly well into the tissue.

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