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Nasal correction by the gentle route

The nose is one of the most striking characteristics of our appearance, which can only be poorly concealed. It is therefore hardly surprising that many people, whose beauty is blemished by their nose (e.g. bumps, nasal hump), wish to have a nasal correction. At the same time, many of those affected shy away from a complex surgical procedure.

In our private practice in Munich, we make it possible to have a nasal correction without surgery. For example, injection of hyaluronic acid can make a nasal hump less prominent, eliminate bumps and even correct mild skewing of the nose without surgery. In addition, the tip of the nose can be lifted with the aid of a combination of Botox and hyaluronic acid. So-called “nasal flutter” can also be treated with Botox.


Hyaluronic acid works wonders and corrects your nose so you will feel at ease – and all without a surgical procedure.

When is nasal correction without surgery appropriate?

Nasal correction without surgery is appropriate when the typical characteristics of the nose will be retained. Therefore, it involves the correction of a blemish and not a permanent change of the type of nose.

Moreover, the risks of general anaesthesia can be avoided by nasal correction without surgery. The wound pain and bruising that result from surgery can also be excluded. Instead, the desired result is achieved rapidly and there are no long periods of downtime and recovery as would be necessary after a surgical procedure.

However, nasal correction without surgery is not recommended for very severe nasal deformities and problems that go beyond aesthetics. This concerns, for example problems with nasal breathing that are due to curvature of the nasal septum.

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When does a nasal correction without surgery make sense?

A nasal correction without surgery makes sense when the typical characteristics of the nose should be retained. Consequently, this has to do with a correction of a blemish, not changing the shape of the nose permanently.

As well, the risks of an anaesthetic can be avoided with nasal correction without surgery. Wound pain and bruising resulting from the surgery can also be eliminated. Instead, the desired result is quickly achieved without the long recovery and healing periods which would be necessary after a surgical procedure.

A nasal correction without surgery is not recommended for very severe nose deformities and problems over and above aesthetics, however. This applies to problems with nasal breathing, for example, which are attributed to a curvature of the nasal septum.

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How does nasal correction without surgery work?

Nasal correction without surgery (also called nose modelling) is a minimally invasive treatment, in which small malpositions, irregularities and the contour and shape of the nose can be corrected and harmonised using injections of hyaluronic acid fillers. The nose does not become smaller, but appears more harmonious overall.

The treatment is given on an out-patient basis. An anaesthetic (such as for surgery) is not necessary. There are no long recovery periods for the patient.

Depending on the shape of your face, we will recommend additional corrections using hyaluronic acid or botox, in order to perfect the result. So, for example, we can accentuate your lips more and correct volume loss in your cheeks and chin.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the human body. It consists of particular sugar molecules and has the interesting property of bonding to large quantities of water. As a result, it is able to fill the spaces in the tissue and hence to make the skin firm and elastic.

Aesthetic medicine has already exploited this effect for some time: thus, hyaluronic acid has been employed as a filler in anti-aging treatment for a number of years. The active agent is injected under certain skin folds using a fine needle in order to correct nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, wrinkles around the lips and the forehead and skin creases, for example. This effect also works for the nose: the volumising effect of hyaluronic acid is utilised to correct small blemishes on the nose.

Is the treatment painful?

You will be given a local anaesthetic and you will hardly feel the needle-pricks. Each patient has a different sensitivity, however. So, one will feel almost nothing and will find the treatment “not so bad”, while other patients report an uncomfortable but “bearable” feeling. Should pain occur, then we can treat this with a simple painkiller.

Nasal correction: Better with or without surgery?

Nasal correction without surgery is suitable for small corrections and modelling the shape and the profile of the nose. An inharmonious nasal shape, nasal profile or irregularities can be gently corrected using this technique.
A large or long nose, however, cannot be “reduced” using this method.
Nor can nasal correction without surgery replace internal and/or functional procedures, which remedy e.g. ventilation problems.

What are the advantages of nasal correction without surgery?

The advantages are obvious: Unlike classic surgical nasal correction, hyaluronic acid injection is an essentially less complicated, faster procedure, as well as being less expensive for the patient. The general risks associated with any surgery do not occur.
The change to the nose can be seen immediately and can also take place in several small steps – until the desired result has been achieved.
The change will not be permanent, unlike with surgery. After around 12 to 18 months, the filler will break down again and the original condition of the nose will reappear once more.

What shapes / disharmony can be corrected?

Here are a few examples:

Saddleback nose
Very good corrective results are achieved for saddleback nose. In the initial situation here, the bridge of the nose is recessed due to insufficient cartilage. We can fill this with hyaluronic acid. Following treatment, the bridge of the nose appears more straight.

Long nose
A long nose cannot be shortened with hyaluronic acid (this requires surgery). But we can definitely conceal it by injecting the columella so that this is lowered. In this way, the nose appears less prominent.

Tip of the nose and columella
Small indentations can be effectively filled with hyaluronic acid, completely without surgical intervention.

Asymmetry the nose
In the case of a slight asymmetry, we can inject the hyaluronic acid filler on the less markedly pronounced side. In this way, we will harmonise both sides with one another.

Tip of the nose
The tip of the nose can be elevated with the aid of a combination of botulinum and hyaluronic acid. So-called “nasal flutter” can also be treated with botox.

Very large deformities or functional restrictions, however, can only be improved by surgery.

How long do the results of the treatment last?

Nasal correction without surgery is performed using a hyaluronic acid filler. Hyaluronic acid is a natural bodily substance, which is able to bind a large amount of water. In aesthetic medicine, it is used for volumising. It is treated so that it forms a network in the injected area.

The treatment results of the nasal correction without surgery are immediately evident and last for 12 to 18 months, as a rule, and longer, even with repeated treatments. Subsequently, the hyaluronic acid slowly breaks down again.

Are there risks and side-effects?

Since nasal correction without surgery is not a surgical procedure, none of the risks associated with surgery and an anaesthetic occur.
The correction is performed by means of injections of suitable fillers. Side-effects triggered by the injection can also appear here, even if very rarely. Swelling and bruising which will spontaneously fade after a couple of days, might occur. Temporary redness occasionally appears in the area of the injection. Infections may also appear.

Can unsuccessful nasal surgery be improved?

There is no universally valid formula for the human body. Each interaction of bone, skin, connective tissue, etc. is different. So it may be that the nasal surgery did not produce the result that you wanted.
Depending on the post-operative findings, nasal modelling with hyaluronic acid may help, particularly if you do not want another surgical procedure but you want to improve the status quo. For this, however, your surgical nasal correction must have been at least 1 year beforehand.

Is nasal correction without surgery safe?

Since hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the human body, this substance, even when used as a filler, does not cause a rejection reaction. We also work only with high-quality products, small amounts and fine needles.
Although there are only few potential side-effects for minimal-invasive nasal correction without surgery (see Question 7), a procedure on the human body can never be described as completely safe. What is important for success is that a specially trained professional carries out the procedure. Thus, the best possible and safest possible result is achieved.

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