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Lifting, firming and lightening

Anti-aging for the female intimate zone

Unfortunately, the natural aging process does not stop at the most female part of the body either. Changes can occur that may also be perceived by the women affected as negative. Overall well-being and self-confidence consequently suffer in relation to how one’s own body is perceived. The good news: Peeling, especially developed for the intimate area, can help women to feel good in their skin again.

Possible changes in the intimate area over the course of the aging process:

Darkened spots in the intimate area

In most women, the area around the vagina and anus is colored slightly darker than the surrounding skin. Pigment cells (melanocytes), which produce melanin are responsible for this. These pigments also give the hair their coloration. The melanin accumulates in the skin layers, becomes denser and can lead to slightly darker colored spots or patches. Hormones also affect the appearance of skin in the intimate area.

Some women perceive this normal bodily process as an esthetic flaw – particularly in this era of intimate shaving, whereby spots become visible that were previously concealed by pubic hair. If the intimate area is conspicuously darkened, this can impact the self-confidence of the women affected. They feel their attractiveness and charisma impaired, which can also affect the intimate moments with their partners.

Changes to skin and tissue

Giving birth, possibly large weight fluctuations, breakdown of fat tissue and the influence of hormones do the rest for the natural aging process: Skin and tissue become flabbier, the vagina expands, the muscle tone declines. It is also possible that the outer vulva lips “loosen”, their shape and size change.

Pink Intimate Munich:
Lifting, firming and lightening of the intimate area without surgery

Pink Intimate is an innovative, effective and particularly safe peeling for vaginal rejuvenation for women of generation 35+. The treatment represents a non-surgical solution with which women can regain lost youthfulness and firmness in the virginal area.

The many valuable constituents – stabilized mono-chlorine acetic acid, kojic acid, nourishing and naturally stimulating active ingredients, as well as bisabolol and extracts from licorice root – combine in Pink Intimate Peeling is a special way. The treatment can alleviate problems in the intimate area occurring over the course of the aging process. The lifting and lightening effect is immediately visible and tangible and may also improve the sensation during sexual intercourse.

Pink Intimate is applied

  • to lighten discolorations of the skin in the vaginal and anal region (vaginal bleaching, anal bleaching)
  • in case of loss of muscle tone
  • in case of dryness in the intimate area
  • in case of loss of tissue in the region of the vagina and anus (perianal muscular atrophy)
  • in case of hair loss in the intimate area
  • to compensate a loss of volume of the vulva lips
  • to treat age-related regression of the clitoris (clitoral involution)

Pink Intimate is suitable for the following areas:

  • pubic mound (mons pubis)
  • large vulva lips (labia majora)
  • the region around the anus (perianal region; lightening)
  • the groin region (inguinal area; lightening)

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