Beautiful Eyes

Beautiful eyes without wrinkles

The first impression: fresh and charming

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Our eyes are the first thing another person notices about us. Everybody´s eye zone is different and unique and should remain that way. Your impression is distinctive and you should feel good about it.

Because of the ageing process it may happen that we look increasingly more tired maybe even with dark shadows under our eyes which do not disappear any more. Smiling lines also keep increasing. None of this needs to be a problem and also makes you yourself. However, if there is too much of this in one place or another, slight corrections can give you back a fresh and relaxed look.

Our aim: beauty that can be seen

Small treatments to the eyes can achieve impressive results. Some signs of aging or genetically determined imperfections can be significantly reduced.

It is important for us to identify a treatment together with you that suits you and brings out your natural beauty. Contact us.

Treatment of the eye zone

For some individuals there is increased depression of the tear grooves already at a young age due to a genetical predisposition. This might be partly reinforced by bluish translucent vessels and can result in a tired and sad appearance. As a result, people are often judged to be older than they really are.

In such cases, targeted filling with fluid hyaluronic acid, which is well adapted for the thin skin in this region, results in visible improvement.

The part under the eyes appears to be somewhat lighter and smoother again and you have a fresher, more wide awake appearance.

So-called “dark circles” make us look tired and stressed. The appearance of this unpleasant effect is attributed to the natural aging process, environmental factors and genetic predisposition.

Dark circles can also appear in younger people, making them look “old”.

Dark circles can be substantially reduced by combination treatments individually tailored to you.

Our approach is to maintain your natural look so that you feel good again about your appearance.

Smiling lines are appealing and should also be natural. Sometimes however, the margins of the eyes “crinkle” so much that we no longer feel good about it. We can reduce these wrinkles with a targeted treatment while preserving your natural expression and appearance.

Without surgery, it is possible to prevent aging or even to restore a much younger and fresher appearance.

Various methods are available to treat the so-called “crow’s feet” and other wrinkles around the eyes or even eye bags and these are often used in combination in order to obtain an aesthetic and natural result.

Beautifully shaped eyebrows make us appear friendlier and more attractive. Unfortunately, this is not always provided by nature, or the eyebrows sink downwards during aging. This can make the eyes look smaller.

The targeted use of botulinum toxin can influence the various muscles that determine the position of the eyebrow in order to alter the shape or raise the eyebrow. Hyaluronic acid can restore the volume, particularly of the lateral eyebrows. This results in more attractive, fuller and arched eyebrows.

One innovative approach is the use of micro-focused ultrasound, in order to restore the sunken eyebrows to their natural height and arch.

In order to obtain a natural appearance, combination treatment that is individually tailored to you is recommended.