Emsculpt München

Emsculpt Munich – effective muscle build-up with simultaneous fat reduction

Emsculpt for defined, taut muscles

Working on a flat stomach, tight upper arms and a firm butt by strictly executed exercise methods is sweaty – and sometimes unfortunately not crowned with success. Even with regular squats, crunches and the like, many women, and men as well, simply do not achieve the desired results. The muscles are not visible, not defined enough.

That’s where the innovative Emsculpt treatment system can help. With focused electromagnetic impulses, it can lead to an intensified, optimized muscle build-up with simultaneous fat reduction.

Emsculpt Munich: Faster muscle building without side effects

Classic sports exercises such as sit-ups only use about 40 percent of your muscles – no matter how cleanly they are performed. Many men and women therefore use equipment that is designed to support muscle formation. But even these often only reach the uppermost muscle layer. Accordingly, the effects achieved with these methods are often not “deep” or “clear” enough.

With Emsculpt, on the other hand, up to 100 percent muscle load is achieved. The electromagnetic pulses work the entire muscle. Up to the deep-seated muscle layers and the muscle fibers, all areas are intensively stimulated. In addition, the overlaying fat is burned.

The method is based on HIFEM – the “High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic”. Here, the energy is precisely applied to the target structure with high intensity. But it does not lose its strength and “emphasis”. In this way, a high efficiency can be achieved and, based on this, an excellent treatment result.

Emsculpt Munich: How the treatment works

The HIFEM method of the Emsculpt treatment leads to intensive muscle contractions, which take place in quick succession but with different rhythms. The muscle tissue adapts to this condition and consequently reacts by remodelling its internal structure. The muscle builds up stronger and more powerful. As a result, it will require more energy in the future, while at the same time releasing a large amount of fatty acids. In this way, numerous fat cells die off. This results in a reduction of the fat layer that may lie over the muscle.

Clinical studies prove: With Emsculpt, a 16 percent increase in muscle growth is possible. The breakdown of fatty tissue is increased by 19 percent.

Important for us as Dermatology practice in Munich: The results are proven by extensive and high-quality clinical studies. They all prove that the procedure is effective, but also safe. In addition, the treatment method is different from the U.S Food and Drug Administration FDA tested and approved.

Emsculpt München

Emsculpt Munich: The fields of application

The therapy can help women and men to get a more defined body and build strong muscle mass. The following body areas are suitable for a treatment with Emsculpt:

  • Upper arms (biceps and triceps)
  • Belly
  • Butt
  • Calves

As a rule, we recommend four sessions of 30 minutes each. These should take place every two to four days. The first results can already be seen after half of the treatments are completed. The final results appear about two to three months after the last Emsculpt treatment.

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