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Do not let yourself be left behind – or: what can we do about nasolabial folds and sagging, sunken cheeks and face

It is most often the case that nasolabial folds are clearly visible at the latest by the age of 30. The loss of facial volume makes the cheeks sunken and the creases from the nose to the mouth become ever deeper.

You can easily fill just those creases, while the rest of the face continues to look tired and sunken, or can treat the actual cause of these creases, namely the loss of soft tissue, particularly in the cheek region.

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Many studies of perception have found one thing above all – there is no such thing as “Absolute Beauty”. Everyone has her or his own individual beauty. However there are couple of astonishing parameters that were already discovered by the Ancient Greeks. Symmetry and harmony are factors that can to some extent be measured. A perfect symmetrical face is perceived as “beautiful” by the majority of people.

Ideal beauty follows a further mathematical rule, that of the Golden Ratio. Many proportions and distances in an ideal face can be reduced back to this magical number PHI (the ratio of 1:1.6). For example, the ratios between the width and length of the face, the upper and lower lip, etc.

Thus, the beauty of each face is to be considered and determined individually. This should also be the case for aesthetic treatments!

Through the targeted use of various treatment methods, alone or in combination, we keep the facial triangle upright and maintain the positive, youthful form of our facial features. Thus you do not risk losing your natural appearance. Simply look at a picture of yourself from 5 or 10 years ago and compare it to now. You will already recognise the differences – from the inverted triangle (V form) to a rectangle or even an upright triangle (A form).

Dr Tatjana Pavicic is an internationally leading expert in cosmetic treatments and facial aesthetics, focusing on non-surgical combination treatments that will meet your expectations and maintain your natural beauty.

Together with you, we will develop an individual treatment plan in order to replace the volume loss and thus also restore your face to a youthful shape without looking “overdone”. Rely on a holistic approach rather than solely on simple wrinkle injections, which may make the wrinkles become less deep, but will not make you look younger and may even lead to unnatural results. Dr Pavicic is a specialist in such treatments and will work with you to produce a treatment plan that is exactly right.

Hautarzt München – Hautverjüngung

Volume augmentation and wrinkle treatment = liquid lifting

To restore the youthful shape of the face without a scalpel

Using volume-replacing and contouring fillers, e.g. based on hyaluronan or calcium hydroxylapatite, it is possible not simply to fill out wrinkles, but also to restore the shape of the face to its original youthful V-shaped form, to make the sharp transitional angles smooth again and thereby giving back the face its natural contours and gently tighten it. This is done by replacing the lost volume based on exact anatomical knowledge.

The cheeks will thus be rounder again and the skin or soft tissue over the nasolabial and marionette lines as well as “sagging jowls” will be lifted. The visible effect – the wrinkles are decreased, because they are for the most part caused by the sagging of the upper and middle facial regions.

Of course, very deep wrinkles can still additionally be treated directly with fillers in order to optimise the result.

Lift cheeks, refine facial contours, decrease wrinkles. Useful combined treatments

Volume augmentation and wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid

We work with various hyaluronic acid fillers that are specially suitable for various regions and treatments. It is important to restore the shape and proportions of the face with volume augmentation and repositions and optionally inject still visible wrinkles with the appropriate filler.

Give contours and improve skin quality with radiesse

Here we use Radiesse® , a filler preparation consisting of calcium hydroxylapatite and carboxymethylcellulose, which stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibres. This makes the skin firmer and plumper and a prolonged lifting and contouring effect is achieved.

Radiesse® has been approved since 2006 by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). Its efficacy and safety have been proved in numerous scientific studies and publications.

Ultrasound – lifting without a scalpel

By means of micro-focused ultrasound energy, stimuli for the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibres are placed at various depths. The skin surfaces remains completely intact and you do not have unpleasant downtime. The newly produced tissues makes the skin and underlying layers firmer thus achieving a lifting effect. The contours of your neck appear smooth again, the cheeks are lifted and the nasolabial and marionette lines are reduced or disappear.

Laser treatment and chemical peels for refining the skin appearance

Laser treatment can also be useful to refine and firm the skin. Treatment with our 1540nm fractionated laser stimulates the skin to produce new collagen. This makes the skin more refined, large pores and small scars, e.g. after acne, disappear and uneven areas are evened out. Small veins and pigment spots can be very efficiently treated with the IPL system. Depending on individual circumstances, several sessions may be necessary. The great advantage of this method is that it is non-invasive, which means the skin surface remains intact! Small patches of redness that may occur can easily be concealed with makeup and you can continue your activities without interruption and downtime.

A chemical peel can also be used to improve skin quality and treat pigment disorders. According to the findings and the desired result, a superficial, mid-depth or deep peeling can be used.

Our peeling treatment always includes optimal pre-treatment, intermediate treatment and after-treatment with selected dermal cosmetics that optimise the results, minimise skin irritation and promote the healing process.

Superficial chemical peeling is often combined with the 1540nm fractionated laser in one session so as to obtain an even better and more rapid result.

Timely prevention by skin rejuvenation

Due to the horizontal injection of highly diluted hyaluronic acid, the moisture loss of the skin is stopped or compensated and thus also the occurrence of “sagging” skin is delayed or small creases made to disappear. Hyaluronic acid can also be used prophylactically to rejuvenate the skin in order to prevent it from aging.

Another favourite method for skin rejuvenation is plasma treatment (platelet-rich plasma, PRP), often called the “vampire lift”. For this purpose, blood plasma collected from you is enriched with factors promoting regeneration and wound healing and is injected horizontally into the skin. The skin becomes plumper and fresher and small wrinkles and bumps disappear.

Plasma and stabilised hyaluronic acid are often mixed and injected together.

The consistent use of sun protection is of course essential. For your health and your beauty!

Left: Before/right: After
reduction of the nasolabial folds

Left: Before/right: After
cheek augmentation

Left: Before/right: After
Lifting of the chin line by volume augmentation, wrinkle reduction

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