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Finally fight cellulite successfully.


Sports, cold showers and expensive creams only have a very limited effect against so-called orange-peel skin. Since cellulite affects the deep structures of the skin, no success can be achieved with creams, ointments and similar cosmetic treatments.

What to do in order to decrease the unattractive dimpling? We now offer Cellfina® from Merz in an innovative system for the treatment of cellulite.

Fight cellulite with Cellfina®

Merz Pharma has introduced Cellfina®, an innovative system for the handling of cellulite, in the USA. This minimally invasive method of treatment is the only clinically tested method, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is certified to provide a successful therapeutic response against cellulite that lasts for several years.

We now offer this treatment exclusively, being one of the first practices in Germany to do so. We are convinced of the mode of action. Contact us.

Operating principle of the Cellfina® systems

The treatment Cellfina® system targets the fine connective tissue fibres, which are located in the fatty tissue under the skin and which cause dimples and bumps in the skin. These fibres are separated by means of a minimally invasive treatment, so-called subcision, which performed under local anaesthesia, so that the skin can become smoother. In this manner, the appearance of the cellulite is improved over the long term. The positive results last for a long time: 96 percent of patients were still satisfied two years after the Cellfina® treatment, this satisfaction clearly being greater than with other cellulite treatments.

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Hautarzt München – Cellulite Behandlung München

The positive results persist long-term: 96 per cent of patients were also satisfied two years after the Cellfina treatment, a level which clearly surpasses patient satisfaction with other cellulite treatments.

Overall, patient satisfaction after three years is still 93 percent.


How long do the results last?

A single Cellfina treatment can significantly improve the appearance of cellulite for two years and longer.

How long does cellfina treatment take?

Treatment takes between 45 and 60 minutes. The extent of the treatment, however, depends on the individual case and the size of the area to be treated.

What does a cellfina treatment for cellulite cost?

As a reputable practice, we are prohibited from quoting all-inclusive prices for treatments. Since the treatment may turn out very differently from patient to patient, we must ask you to make an appointment with us, so that we can discuss the treatment options and the costs.

How quickly do the results become evident?

As a rule, distinct changes are already evident within only three days following the treatment. Over 96% of patients are still very satisfied, even after two years.

How is cellfina different from conventional anti-cellulite techniques?

The appearance of the cellulite can frequently be improved by sport and a targeted build-up of muscle mass and breakdown of fat mass. Cellulite may also be reduced by a vitamin-rich diet, no nicotine and less alcohol. Likewise, a slight tightening may also be achieved by means of creams and massage.

All of these conventional methods, however, can only reduce the intensity of mild indentations to a very limited extent. If the cellulite is more severely marked, these measures will help very little, and if they do, then not over the long term.

You will only obtain clearly visible, long-lasting treatment success with Cellfina because a provable change in the connective tissue is achieved with Cellfina.

What are the arguments in favour of cellfina?

Anti-cellulite treatment with Cellfina provides you with an effective option for minimising or completely eliminating severe indentations on your bottom and thighs. This safe, proven technique treats the direct causes of cellulite. Even one out-patient treatment appointment is sufficient to achieve a long-lasting result and the cost is comparatively small. Because this technique is associated with only very minor side-effects, you can quickly resume your normal everyday routine again. As well, no special after-care is required. According to one study, 93% of all patients are very pleased with the result of their cellulite treatment with Cellfina.

For whom is cellulite treatment with cellfina suitable?

Cellfina is intended for all women who are very concerned about their cellulite and who are looking for an effective way of eliminating the indentations. The treatment and its duration of effectiveness (up to three years) have been approved and confirmed by the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

The technique is most effective for pronounced cellulite, i.e. for women who have distinct indentations on their bottom and/or thighs or abdomen, the extent of the cellulite can be massively reduced or even eliminated. We will be happy to clarify whether Cellfina may be right for you in a personal consultation.

When may cellulite not be treated with cellfina?

Although this is a minimal-invasive, very gentle treatment technique, Cellfina cannot be used in certain cases: during pregnancy and while breast-feeding, if you have a bleeding disorder or are severely overweight (obesity), following recent surgery and where there is a skin infection or wound in the area of the treatment.

How does cellfina work?

Thanks to the innovative Cellfina technique, we are able to treat the structural cause of your cellulite very effectively. Using a minimal-invasive technique, we detach shortened strands of connective tissue at the sites where the typical indentations are located using a sharp, thin electric blade. The procedure can be compared to a stretched rubber band, where the tension is released after detaching the strands. The treatment is given under local anaesthetic and is not a surgical procedure.

Is cellfina treatment painful?

The areas to be treated are given a local anaesthetic and there is no pain at all during the treatment as a rule. You may feel a light pressure. The treated area may subsequently be sensitive to pressure for around three days and may be tender to the touch. Commercial painkillers such as ibuprofen are very effective here. In some cases, bruising may occur which will fade spontaneously. In general, our patients report only minimal side-effects or after-effects.

When can i resume my normal daily routine again following the treatment?

As we mentioned, except for minor side-effects such as sensitivity to pressure, there are no restrictions. You should take it easy for 24 hours, however, before you resume your normal daily activities. Just to be on the safe side, you could take a break for 1 – 2 days following the treatment, but this is only a recommendation.

Does the health insurance company assume the costs?

Since cellulite is not a medical condition, but represents a cosmetic “blemish”, this is a purely aesthetic treatment. The health insurance companies do not assume any costs for this.

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