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Botulinum toxin – offered for aging of the forehead

Botulinum toxin (colloquially “Botox”) is a medicine that has been used successfully in therapeutic medicine for more than 30 years. Unfortunately, botulinum toxin has fallen into disrepute with the press and the public – unjustly.

Botulinum toxin is used medically at high doses in medicine, even in children, to treat diseases with excessive muscle activity (spasms). In aesthetic medicine, we use this positive relaxing effect to relax muscles that cause the unwanted wrinkles.

In Germany, three preparations are approved for aesthetic treatment, which means they have been investigated in numerous clinical studies and found to be effective and safe. Only such preparations should be used.

Hautarzt München – Botulinumtoxin München

Most importantly, of course – botulinum toxin type a to fight wrinkles

Since the start of the 1990s, botulinum toxin type A has been used very successfully in the treatment of wrinkles caused by facial expressions. It is injected into the muscles that are involved in wrinkle production and causes a transient relaxing of the muscles. This smooths out expression-related wrinkles.

The face appears younger and fresher, with its natural expression being maintained. A knowledge of anatomy and an understanding of the complex interplay between our muscles is essential in this matter. Thus, for example, four muscles pull the eyebrows downwards and only one raises them. If the only lifter is weakened too much, the eyebrows will slip downwards and the eyes will appear small, on the other hand if the ABC of the muscle interplay is mastered, a wonderful momentum is achieved and the eyes appear fresher, brighter and larger.

Trust in an experienced therapist

You know the horror pictures in the media of “Hollywood” beauties, who have allegedly lost their good looks because of Botox. This is only partially true. The majority of Botox treatments would not be recognised in daily life.

This shows the difference in the treatment approach. Dr Tatjana Pavicic uses botulinum toxin type A in a targeted manner, for example to relax certain muscle and thus achieve optimisation of the facial features. The highest priority is to retain your natural expression. Smiling is permitted and wanted, only the creases should simply not go in so deeply!

Dr Tatjana Pavicic is an internationally recognised speaker on the topic of wrinkle treatment and botulinum toxin, because she has set herself the goal of showing that natural combined treatment with botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid can lead to natural and individual results.

Therefore you should only entrust your beauty to an experienced therapist.

Typical treatment areas

Glabella (frown lines)

Hautarzt München – Faltenbehandlung München

By means of the targeted application of small doses of botulinum toxin, the muscles that cause the frown lines are relaxed.

Forehead wrinkles

Hautarzt München – Faltenbehandlung München

Also slight to deep “worry lines/thought lines” can be removed or at least reduced. Special caution is however required with drooping eyelids.

Crow’s feet

Hautarzt München – Faltenbehandlung München

Laughter lines are lovely, but too many age the eye zone. Botulinum toxin can be used to relax the orbital eye muscles and prevent the development or deepening of wrinkles.

Small cost – great effect

Each successful wrinkle treatment requires a high level of experience and a reliable knowledge of the anatomical structures. Your treatment is as individual as you are. Dr Tatjana Pavicic therefore places great importance on precise analysis of your facial expression and any asymmetries that may exist, since also these can be effectively treated with BoNTA.

We will go through your medical history with you and obtain a complete picture of your face and your wishes. Thus we can suggest a treatment programme that is individually tailored for you.

Targeted wrinkle correction for a natural, youthful appearance

1. simple

  • Practically painless
  • No anaesthesia required

2. reliable

  • Test clinically many times.
  • Used medically for years.
  • Very well tolerated

3. effective

  • Quick and long-lasting results
  • Natural results
  • Effective in wrinkle prevention
Hautarzt München – Faltenbehandlung Männer München

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