hands skin rejuvenation

Apart from our face our hands are the primary indicators
of our age

We give far too little attention to our hands. Well, perhaps to our nails. Our hands are one of the parts of the body that are most likely to betray our years.

The following applies here too: Getting older is first of all not a stigma. However, if the wrinkles on our hands make us look like our grandparents, but we feel alive and young, then it can happen that we see our hands and feel too old.


Dr Tatjana Pavicic is one of the few medical practitioners in Germany to utilise hyaluronic fillers for wrinkle treatment on the hands, in order to conceal fine, age-related skin creases and prominent blood vessels.

Why are our hands old?

Young hands are characterised by slight fullness and the absence of visible veins, sinews or pigment spots.

Over time, the skin of the hands loses moisture, collagen and elastin, it becomes thinner and develops creases. The loss of soft tissue volume in particular (above all subcutaneous fat) makes our hands look old. The skin appears translucent, the veins that become sinuous with age, as well as the sinews and joints, appear more pronounced and the back of the hand becomes increasingly bumpy and loses its shape. The hands become emaciated and old. Thus it is worth preventing moisture loss and reconstructing volume.

Ugly pigment spots

Pigment spots, so-called “age spots” also multiply on the skin with increasing age. If they are small, they do not look so bad. If they are larger, they are visible signs of ageing skin.

Hautarzt München – Hautverjüngung München

Before treatment with visible vessels and tendons on the back of the hand

Hautarzt München – Hautverjüngung München

Immediately after treatment with 1.5 ml Radiesse®

Effective combined treatments

Give volume and smooth the skin with Radiesse

By administering volume directly under the skin, visible veins and sinews can be hidden and youthful contours restored to the hand. We primarily use Radiesse® (calcium hydroxylapatite) for this purpose. Due to its opaque colour it “covers” translucent structures particularly well. In addition, the quality of the overlying skin is improved by the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibres. Radiesse® recently became the only filler to be approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) for hand augmentation. Its efficacy and safety in hand rejuvenation have been proven in several scientific studies.

Laser treatment of pigment spots

IPL laser treatment is useful for reducing pigment spots and small veins. In photorejuvenation, intense filtered light is applied to the skin and selectively absorbed by the superficial skin vessels and pigment spots. The pigments are “blasted” and ejected out. During this process, small scabs may develop over a few days. The unwanted small superficial vessels are heated for a short period and degraded without the skin surface being affected.

Timely prevention by skin rejuvenation

By horizontal injection of highly diluted hyaluronic acid into the back of the hands, the loss of moisture from the skin is stopped and thus also the development of thinner and “slacker” skin is delayed. Due to the moisture-binding effect, there is also a slight volume effect particularly after several treatments and in younger patients.

Thus this method is also perfect when used prophylactically to prevent the signs of aging on the hands.

Visible signs of skin aging on the hands

Hautarzt München – Hautverjüngung München

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